Countdown to The Carnival!

Slime Update and Carnival Excitement!

If Today is any indication.... Mrs. Faenza's getting slimed!

It was so much fun to see the students come in this morning and choose which administrator they want to see SLIMED! So far, Mrs. Faenza is the top contender to be slimed! Word on the street is there was only $1.15 in Mr. Lake's bucket??!! Be sure to bring your change and bills each day this week and fill the bucket for Mrs. Faenza, Mrs. Bland or Mr. Lake!

The Carnival is coming!!!

If you have not seen it yet, you will! The carnival rides and games are arriving on The NCLA campus. Try to control your excitement as you see the Carnival grow before your very eyes! Visit the NCLA PTO facebook page to share this awesome event with your family and friends! All are welcome!

Please make sure you bring cash. The vendor is working on a credit option but this isn't guaranteed. Pricing works similar to most fairs with the exception no admittance or parking fees. Rides will require tickets. A single ticket is $1. A book of 22 tickets is $20 and a book of 50 tickets cost $40. The NCLA PTO will receive 20% of all ticket sales!