Oh The Places You'll Go!

Zitzman 411

What's Happening This Week:

Monday 1/1: NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday 1/2: NO SCHOOL!

Wednesday 1/3: NO STUDENTS. Teacher PD Day.

Thursday 1/4: DDay. (Admin. Council 9:15AM). New Special Ed. schedules.

Friday 1/5: A Day. (Dr. Sladek Out of Building - Wisdom Teeth Out!)

PLCs' - Moved to 1/11 (THURSDAY)

*Mrs. Flexenshar will be out of the building on Tuesday and Wednesday therefore RTI PLC will be moved to Thursday next week. Agendas will be posted but this is a reminder to look over the BOY to MOY data and identify any students that cause concern due to no growth or flat line scores. Create a list, be open to suggestions, and determined to make this student a focus this next semester!

****Provide the names of students that may benefit from second semester tutoring. We will focus on math and reading for these tutoring sessions. Submit the names to Mrs. Flexsenhar with the student's specific area of weakness. The list of students will be reviewed Mrs. Flexsenhar and Mrs. Armstrong.

Lunch Schedule & Pick Up Times

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This is just a simple reminder to remember the lunch schedule is tight on time and the playground gets packed fast. We are all family and tensions run high on small details lets at times but lets be proactive and think about the ripple effect when you are not there to pick up your students on time.

This is not a 'gotcha' towards anyone in particular just an overall look at the details throughout the day!

*Also please note that we will make an attempt to sync the wall clocks and microwave clocks in all areas of the school but it is best case to always rely on your phone, (fitbit) or computer that way we are sure we are all on the same page!

7 Habits Practice: Private Victory to Public Victory

Build Your Emotional Bank Account With Others

The Emotional Bank Account is a metaphor for the amount of trust that exists in a relationship. Deposits build and repair trust. Withdrawals break down trust.

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Common Practice:

Let relationships fall into disrepair.

Think About...

  • Are you sincere and consistent in making deposits?
  • Do you conscientiously avoid making withdrawals?
  • DO you know what constitutes a deposit for a particular person?

Try This...

  • Identify an important work or personal relationship that is not as good as you want it to be. What is your Emotional Bank Account balance with this person?
  • Describe three things you think this person would consider deposits.
  • Describe three things that would be withdrawals.
  • Make a plan to repair the relationship through consistent, small deposits.

From the 7 Habits Book

"The little kindnesses and courtesies are so important. Small discourtesies, little forms of disrespect, make large withdrawals. In relationships, the little things are the big things."

New Opportunity to Make A Difference

We will continue tutoring until the funds are depleted so let’s not give any $$ back! This is a great way to invest and improve our B/M/E & SLO IMPACT data, too!

*This could be a big part of your RTI conversation during PLC's on 1/11!

Please publicize to your teachers that this is available and work with your staff to identify those students most in need of tutoring. This can be for any elementary student, however it does not provide transportation.

ZE will look at grades 3-5 (unless there is a data based decision that is a severe red flag for a student in k-2).

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You must apply - $24.61/hour

Apply TODAY!

Category: Tutors/Reading and Math – INTERNAL POSITION POSTING

(see link below)

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Special Education Update

The Special Education PLC is launching their new continuum model to better service our students. Their hard work toward the continuum model will need everyone's support to make the shift work for our students. If you have a question about your special education student's IEP minutes or supports, see the student's case manager.

Paras have been reassigned as follows:

Resource Classrooms- Kennedy and Giebler (kdg.-3rd)

Fienup and Klenke (3rd-5th)

Autism/ID Classroom- Meshach and Graf

Behavior Classroom- Rampani and Godfrey

Resource Labs (Old conference room. Copy machine will be moved to the hallway. This space will also be used by Mr. Sprung.)- Laurie Daves and Alicia Clayton

*Mrs. Daves and Mrs. Clayton will primarily service special education students with their general education minutes.

Assessment Planning

Actions to improve IBD standards needing improvement:

1. Intervention time Mon. -Thurs. (2 days Math & 2 days ELA); Using MAP Interim Data (#4) and MOY Data to determine groups

2. 8:15 - 8: 45 a.m. Intervention Time with Trower, Bruns, Sutterer (student teacher covers the class)

ELA interventions: Moby Max, Supplement in areas that are not addressed on weekly skills and Benchmark Testing

3. Prior to MAP testing classes host review sessions

4. Practice MAP Test in January 29- Feb. 2 & March 26-March 28

5. Next step--All ELA and Math Assessment Cover Sheets will be updated with the new standards

**16 weeks until we show the state how GREAT our students and teachers are with the Missouri Learning Standards. MAP Testing week of May 7th!

January 3rd PD --- Be sure to sign up on Frontline

7:30-8:00 New Year's Reflection Breakfast in the Lounge (Bagel and Coffee)

8:00-Noon Teacher Work Session (Planning, grading, grade level planning...)

Noon-1:00 Lunch on your own

1:00-4:00 See the PD Options in Frontline and Dr. Parks' email

Oh The Places You'll Go during second semester!! #winning

Leader in Me

This is the time to review procedures with students. It is expected that every classroom complete the First 8 Day Leader in Me online resource lessons. See Stephanie Titter's email for specific directions.