Crash Landing on a Unknown planet

Spaceman Skott , crash landing on unknown planet

Space Assassin Skott is Stranded

Stranded on a unknown planet, he teams up with Voltage a high powered superhero and a new superhero called Up after defeating ton's of Nids, the is something more dangerous then the Nids it is Down. (The photo next door is Space Assassin Skott, just to tell you he is in the space army is general and is also a assassin.) Now he is the leader of the trio. Skott finds Voltage on Planet ZX barely alive. The dangerous general is also a assassin. He is immortal meaning he can not die of old age but can die from a form of a weapon. Skott is the strongest of the trio.
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( The one above is the M249 SAW.) The gun that Space Assassin Skott carries is a M249 SAW. which is over 50 Cal, the best machine gun in the galaxy, he also carries a combat pistol,a jet pack, a hidden blade and a knuckle duster.

Skotts Mansion

This a very expensive house and is in Planet 4X (Below is a photo.) Sensei's armor and all the other battle trophies are stored here.
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Planet 4X

Planet 4X-below is a photo of the planet- This is where Skott and Up live. (They live in separate houses.)The planet is a busy technology based planet. It is like the futuristic Earth
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