Ah, A New President!

The country will no longer be an Obamanation in 2016

What's in it for YOU?

If you're worried that running a country might leave you with only a title of President and angry citizens, don't worry, the government has you covered. You will receive a $400,000 a year salary, a $50K non-taxable expense account, Your medical and dental care will all be taken care of, $100,000 worth personal usage including entertainment and travel, housing in the White House. Money isn't everything, you say? Check out your personal movie and bowling alley and think again! Forget household chores, you now have a personal cook, gardener, and cleaner. You will control Air Force One, Marine 1, and be given the Presidential Limousine. Think your past prom date regretted dumping you?
They sure will now. Need a vacation? Go to Camp David-Presidential retreat, Your own personal vacation home. Worried about safety? Don’t be, you will have 10 years of protection with the secret service to keep you and your family safe. One way or another, you will be protected, guns a'blazing or otherwise.

Qualifications- What it Takes to Become President

  • To be eligible to become president you must be 35 years old.

  • You have to be a resident in the U.S. for 14-years.

  • Must be a Native-born citizen. (You must be born in the US or your parent(s) must be /United States citizens)


Your legal qualifications met, you're one step closer to become President. However, you need more than your good looks and being a 35+ year old American. A president needs to be a strong leader. They need to listen to the citizens, make compromises with new ideas, and be flexible. They also can't be dictators on the level of Darth Vader.

Your Constitutional Powers

Executive- Commander and chief

Executive- Commissioning officers for the armed forces

Diplomatic - Making treaties

Judicial - Granting pardons from federal offenses

Legislative- Convening in special sessions of congress

Judicial- Taking care of federal laws and executing them

Diplomatic- Receiving foreign ambassadors

Executive- Executive power

Executive- Appointing officials

Diplomatic- Appointing ambassadors, judges and other higher ranking officials.

One of the most important jobs is taking care of federal laws and executing them properly. Citizens want measures to be taken by a President for changes to happen at the benefit of the country.

Roles as President

  • 1) Chief of State. As a national leader you are responsible for ceremonies, and representing America, being a symbol.
  • 2) Chief Executive. You must enforce laws, make important federal court decisions, and make treaties.
  • 3) Commander in Chief. Generals and admirals alike will take orders from you, you are in charge of leading them and leading the armed forces.
  • 4) Chief Diplomat. You will be in control of the United States foreign policy. Keep in mind that you represent the U.S.A. as a whole.
  • 5) Chief Legislator. As the chief Legislator, you have great influence on the Congress and it’s law making decisions by signing or vetoing bills.
  • 6) Economic Planner. You will have to deal with inflation, high prices, taxation, unemployment rates, and you have to make sure that you run the country as smoothly as possible.
  • Bonus) Political Party Leader. As the leader of your party you get to choose the members of your cabinet and help members of you party get elected.
  • If I were President

    One of the many issues plaguing our country is gun control. Or in some peoples point of view, "fun" control. There is plenty of controversy on the limitations that should be in place on gun ownership or whether or not people should have guns. One answer is clear: Americans won't tolerate no guns at all. But if I were President, I would place stricter mental health and past violent outbursts and black market enforcing on gun ownership.

      Statistics on Gun Ownership
    • 40% of all US homes have guns
    • 81% of Americans say that gun control will be an important issue in determining which Congressional candidate to vote for.
    • 91% of Americans say that there should be at least minor restrictions on gun ownership;
    • 57% of Americans say that there should be major restrictions or a ban.

    Gun violence is a problem in America, and it needs to be contained so that less people have to suffer the loss of family member or a loved one shot by a fellow American or anyone else.