By Hannah


Nepal is in South East Asia. Nepal has had many major natural disasters and some have been a mystery of how they started. Nepal's history is important part in present time because then you can find out important things that has happen in the past, like how people lived a long time ago in Nepal. Sport is a fun thing to do and most of the sports they play in Nepal we play here in Australia. Nepal's Popluation is 29,391,000 and it capital is Kathmandu. They speak in English and Nepali.

Floods and Earthquakes that has happened in Nepal

An Earthquake happened on Sunday 18th of September 2011 at 12:40. It was felt though India, Nepal, Bhutan and in Bangladesh. It was a 6.9 magnitude and at least 111 people were killed. The quake came just a few days later after an earthquake of 4.2 magnitude in Haryana’s Sonipat district. Last month there was a flash flood from the 5th of May to the end of the May month. More than 17 people were killed and 47 people were missing on the second day of the flood. The death toll could have hit 60 people! It was worse than the Australian Floods in 2011.


The Buddha, Siddartha Gautana was born 563 BC in Lumbini a town on border with India. The British controlled India and forced Nepal sign treaties in 1816 giving the land to Britain. Nepal is a powerful country in South East Asia. Nepal borders were closed to foreigners until 1954. Mt Everest was named after a British surveyor Sir George Everest in 1863.Sir Edmund Hilary from New Zealand and a sheppa guide reached the summit of Mt Everest in 1953. Everyone who was tried to get to the summit of Mt Everest has failed and some people died climbing . Mt Everest was discovered in 1819.


This year Nepal will compete in the Olympics Games in London. Nepal’s National Sport or Game played there is Dandi Biyo and Kapardi. Nepal plays some of the sports that we play in Australia. They play all these games:

· Basket Ball

· Cricket

· Football

· Badminton

· Athletics

· Swimming

· Volleyball

· Boxing

· Hand Ball [Down Ball]

· Table Tennis

· Squash


Cricket is a game most played in Nepal. It is Summer up in Nepal right now so it is Cricket Season too!