Social Emotional Learning

RLAS 116 Parent Newsletter (Elementary)

SEL for the Home

Respect Differences

Every child has his or her own unique talents and abilities. Whether in academics, athletics, or interpersonal relationships, resist the urge to compare your child to friends or siblings. Instead, honor your child's accomplishments and provide support and encouragement for the inevitable challenges he faces.

Take Advantage of Support Services

Seek the advice and support of school counselors or other social services during times of family crisis, such as a divorce or the death of a close friend or family member. Remember that no matter how close you are to your child, she may be more comfortable discussing a troubling family situation

with another trusted adult.

Big picture

Weekly Family Activities

Have a family story night! Gather your favorite books and read them together as a family. If you don’t have one, you could create your own story.

Kindness counts! Grab a few sheets of paper and write something kind to each person in your family. Give that kindness card to them and see how much it makes them smile!

Self-Care Activities

1. Play with putty

2. Take a hot shower or bath

3. Go outside

4. Get your favorite snack

5. Pet your cat or dog (if you have one)

6. Have a snack

7. Play with your favorite toy or game

8. Listen to Music

Community Circle Questions

Answer these questions as a family. This can happen while in the car, at dinner, or during a commercial!

Sunday: Would you rather be a detective or a pilot?
Monday: Would you rather go skiing or go to a water park?

Tuesday: Would you rather fly a kite or swing on a swing?

Wednesday: Would you rather dance or sing?
Thursday: Would you rather play hide and seek or dodgeball?

Friday: Would you rather become 5 years older or 2 years younger?

Saturday: Would you rather have a full suit of armor or a horse?

Crystal Oswald

Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and Instruction Specialist (PreK-5th grade)