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Soon-to-be freshman; I love to design and sew many things such as pillows, clothes, and other nick nacks

Fashion History

One trend in the 70's that has come back recently are the wide-leg palazzo pants. This time, they've taken a more boho look, but the look of these big legged pants is unmistakable.
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Dress how YOU want to and in what makes YOU feel good. Feeling good on the inside is so much more important than just looking good.
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Sketching is a great way to get your ideas down so they can be realized! It helps if you include as many details as you can so you remember them later.
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Sewing and Construciton

Remember, when hand-sewing, you have to go out and back in the same way, being careful not to loop around the fabric. This, used in tandem with small stitches, will make your sewing awesome!
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Interior Design