Kindergarten Connection

December 3, 2022

Story Making with Loose Parts

It is a beautiful mix of the arts meet oral language and literacy. It's a belief that stories are not only limited to pencils, crayons, and paper. Children learn to see that our world is filled with stories and stories can be found all around us. People have been creating and telling stories since the beginning of time! It allows children to tap into their memories, experiences and their imaginations to play and create stories!

Story making teaches so many literacy and language skills! Children are exploring and creating stories that have characters, settings, problems and solutions. These are all skills students need to use for writing and reading comprehension.

We have seen and heard some amazing stories while students are using the provided loose parts and tiny treasures. Stories about foxes eating the campers marshmallows, unicorns that are traveling through portals, and Santa taking people to the North Pole to visit and feed Rudolph.

We are trying to build our supply of story creating and storytelling props! We could use your help! No need to buy anything new, you probably have these little items in your "junk" drawers or even items that have settled to the bottom of your child's toy box or your craft room drawers. We have been visiting the Arc stores which have amazing items for story making!!

We need your unwanted LOOSE PARTS and TINY TREASURES!! Here is a list with items we would like to collect to support our student's story work!

(Links are for example and definition purposes only!)

*small figurines of any kinds (people, animals, creatures)

*Toob sets (babies, vehicles, birds, tools, boats, US figures, desert, vegetables)

*Used playmobil figures of any kind

*acrylic seasonal shapes or table scatter decorations

*cake toppers: plastic themed items typically used to decorate cakes and cupcakes

*wooden cutouts of any kind

*grapat mandala wooden pieces

*used miniature doll house pieces/accessories

*mini brands

Writing In Progress!

During Story Making, students begin by imagining and playing out their story and retelling it to a classmate before beginning to draw and write. The creation of the story, story elements, and the oral language that Kindergarteners are using is the main focus right now. So, you may see papers that do not seem finished and do not have any writing yet. As the year progresses you will see more writing as they become more fluent with the creation of stories and capturing them on paper. You will continue to see examples of completed writing through the use of our Magic Treehouse journals, nonfiction writing and reading responses.

Holiday Ornament

Shhh...Enclosed in today's folder you should find an outline of a tree. Please take a moment to cut out the tree and the oval, use tape to adhere a recent picture of your kindergarten child so the oval frames their face. On the front please consider decorating the tree in anyway you would like and include a sweet typed or written message to your child. Secretly return the tree to school by December 5th! You could sneak it into their school folder or enclose in a envelope. We will be selecting a few each day and reading the messages to the children during our Morning Meeting routines! They will be returned to your family to be used as an ornament or decoration for your home.

**Please do not use big and bulky items as we will be laminating these for you here at school!!

Festive Fridays!

The kindergarten teachers are getting into the holiday spirit!! At the end of each week, leading up to winter break, we will be dressing up for FESTIVE FRIDAY! Your kindergarten child may wear their favorite holiday/winter shirt, sweater, decorative socks, etc.... on Fridays. This is completely optional! Just adding a little bit of fun that would make our days at school extra merry and bright!!

Polar Express Pajama Day!

On Tuesday, December 13th we will be dressing in our most modest pajamas, visiting and learning about holidays around the world, sipping hot cocoa, eating some holiday cookies and watching the Polar Express. Can you help us out with a few supplies? Below is a link to a signup genius for a few items we could use to help us celebrate the season!

We would love....

*a large hot cocoa mix (3 canisters)

*holiday cookies (store homemade cookies...sorry) (30 each classroom)

*styrofoam cups (30 each classroom)

SignUp Genius Contribution List