The World of South Korea:)

Some very fantastic things to learn about in South Korea!!!

About South Korea

The capital city in South Korea is Seoul. South Korea's population 48,846,823. A major language spoken is Korean.The money they use in South Korea is called won. Some major religions are Mongolia and Siberia.


Plants and an Animal

Some physical features of this country is the Taebaek mountains, Sobaek mountains, Han river, Kum river, and Naktong river. Tigers used to roam around in the Korean Peninsula but, today people think there are no more tigers left there. Hibiscus Syriacus or in Korea known as Mugunghwa is the national flower of South Korea. It has a dark magenta eye and the color of a pink bluish purple. Liliums bloom in South Korea of course and the petals are a long pointed triangular shape.
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- Buses





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A type of food is rice cake. Rice cake is a international dish with sliced fish and boiled eggs.


-tae kwon do




-Asian basketball





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Interesting Facts

-If you lived in South Korea you'd almost never have to leave your house because almost every restaurants and fast food place can deliver straight to your apartment.

-South Korea gets over 9 million dollars a year from MALE MAKEUP. They use the money to help there country.

-Most people live in apartments in South Korea.

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