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Curriculum Updates


  1. Due to a substitute shortage, it was necessary for curriculum writers to postpone today's previously scheduled curriculum writing. Curriculum documents for cluster 3, which begins in January, will be uploaded as soon as they are completed. Cluster planners, CBAs, and daily problem solving will be available before Thanksgiving. Lessons will be posted when we return from break. Let me know how I can best support you with your math learning and planning!
  2. Remember that Supporting Documents for the Revised Math TEKS are available for order at the copy center. These documents make a great companion tool for planning! These are another resource provided by TEA and provide even more clarity!!
  3. Ideas/activities/lessons are shared with us through Forethought throughout the cluster so feel free to consistently check Forethought for new ideas and activities. Curriculum also posts announcements on adjustments made to CBAs or lessons in the Forethought window.

I wanted to post these links again from last week! I was able to reflect on my thoughts and approaches within the curriculum at a deeper level. Just in case you wanted to view them again, here they are:

Stanford Video (8 min) on How to Learn Math What a great talking point with parents!

A Math Nugget: An Illustrated Mathematics Dictionary a great resource for parents and students. Feel free to share in weekly communications with parents.


Curriculum Updates

  • Cluster 4 is now loaded for all grade levels!!
  • Kinder Mentor Lesson 3.6 has been revised. Kiinder teachers, you can access the updated version of this lesson in Eduphoria Forethought.The updated lesson has a new poem attached to support K.8B (describes characters in a story and their reasons for their actions.


We, as a district, are needing an overall inventory of the test prep materials being used on campuses. Please email me the test prep materials being used here at Shawnee Trail. I am just wanting to know what we have here as a campus for test prep. If your grade level does not use any, please email that as well.


4th and 5th grade teachers:

Reminder: This December, 4th and 5th grade students will take their first ever social studies CBA. This is just to gather data on where we are as a district.

Here is the link to access the handout that we discussed when it comes to the Social Studies CBA.

Great Resource:

Pearson SuccessNet for Teachers

Here are the directions for accessing Pearson SuccessNet. Please take a look!!

FISD Elementary Testing Calendar

Here is a link to the FISD Elementary Testing Calendar. Feel free to confirm these dates on your calendar!