By Joshua Bender

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About Slovakia

49,035 square miles, and an amazing view. Welcome to Slovakia. You can expect to know Slovakia's:

  1. Geography and travel
  2. Government
  3. Economy
  4. Social and Ethnic groups
  5. Religion and language
  6. Holidays and festivals
  7. Maps and graphs about Slovakia

After this you will know a lot about Slovakia


Slovakia has many rivers including the Bodva and Torysa rivers. The high is 35 degrees Celsius. The low is -5 degrees Celsius. Ways that you can travel (other than by foot) bus, train, boat and plane. Most people live in the side closest to the sea and the want that because it would be warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. Capitol is Bratislava.


Slovakia is a parliamentary republic. Robert Fico is the prime minister. The National Council of the Slovak Republic makes the laws. The rights of Slovakia are about the same as the United States. Slovakia was in is i the United Nations since 1993.


Slovakia uses euro as its currency and it is $1.11 in the United States. I choose this background because most of Slovakia's major exports are made out of steel like cars and doors. The gdp per capita is 18,047. Compared to the United States Slovakia would be poor because 18,047 is way less than 53,042.

Ethnic Groups

The ethnic groups are: 80.7% Slovak, 8.5% Hungarian, 2% Roma, 8.8 % unspecified. You would start going to school at 6 and end around 15.

Religion and Language

The religions in Slovakia are: Roman catholic 68%, Protestant 8.2%, Greek catholic 3.4%, other 12.5%, none 13.4%. Languages are: Slovak 78.6%, Hungarian 9.4%, Roma 2.3%, Ruthenian 1%, unspecified 8.8%.
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About the Flag

The flag consists of the Slovak tricolor (white blue and red). It also has the Slovak coat of arms. It was created in September 1992.

Holidays and Festivals

In July there is an international Jazz Festival celebrating the jazz music around the world. The food is called Brvonvoe Huskey.
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Slovakia is a country that has many languages and religions. It also has a poor economy. One can conclude that the people in Slovakia are not very healthy.

You need money for food and the people in Slovakia are very poor.