MRE Update

December 14, 2021

A message from the Principal

COVID Testing Update

Over the past two weeks, MRE has started its Routine Safety Checks with the pooled screenings. This extra layer of mitigation has been successful in finding two asymptomatic cases. Overall, we are seeing an increase in positive cases not only in school but outside of school. The Routine Safety Checks have been helpful in making sure there is no in-school transmission of COVID. It has also helped us identify cases early. We currently have 384 students and staff members participating in this program. As we enter the winter months, this program will continue to support the other mitigation measures in place.

Another successful program has been the Test and Stay Program. This has been vital to keeping students in school. Unlike last year, when students were identified as a close contact and had to go home for 7 - 14 days, this year, students are able to be tested daily and stay in school. As a result of this program, 65 students have been able to stay in school and not miss instructional time.

Lastly, as of last week, 45% of MRE students have been vaccinated or are in the process of getting vaccinated. With almost 61% of the fourth-grade vaccinated, the fourth-grade has the highest number of students vaccinated out of all grade levels. Vaccinations are another helpful mitigation strategy and factor to keeping students in school. A fully vaccinated student does not need to quarantine if they become a close contact.

I would like to commend Nurse Lyndsey and the district nursing staff for their continued hard work and support for our students. On top of all the typical nursing duties, Nurse Lyndsey administers at least 6 Test and Stay tests daily, does the contact tracing when there is a positive case, and communicates with families and the Board of Health for students who test positive outside of school. Her work is greatly appreciated.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be issued this Friday. In the fall, you discussed student goals with the teacher, and now is the time to look at the progress your child is making towards those goals. The report card offers an opportunity for a better understanding of your child’s current achievement. The report card indicates progress towards the year-end goals. The link below will take you to the parent guide to understand each grade levels’ report card. These guides also explain the reporting system. In addition to the 1,2,3,4 and NA abbreviations, you may see on the report card is INA. This means Introduced but Not Assessed. This can be the case for a unit that the class has started just recently and are currently in the middle of developing those skills. For instance, if a class started a geometry unit last week, the teacher has not had a chance to complete the unit by the end of the reporting period. The students’ progress on those skills will be reported in Term 2.

Nashoba Standards Based Report Cards Parent Guides

Report cards will be sent electronically on Friday afternoon.

Gift Giving Guidelines

Please see the link below for the State Ethics Guidelines for giving gifts to school employees. A short summary of the law is below.

Gifts to Public Employees

In general, a public employee may not accept any gift worth $50 or more that is given because of the position he or she holds. Public employees may accept gifts that are worth less than $50, but they have to disclose in writing that they have done so if, based on the specific circumstances, a reasonable person would think that the public employee might unduly show favor to the giver or the giver's child, or be influenced by the giver.

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*Due to Covid restrictions, parents will not be able to attend this years sing-a-long. It will be a student only event. A link will be sent to families should you wish to view it online.*

Morning Arrival at School

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Arriving On Time for School and Class

  • Makes sure that your child doesn’t miss out on the important learning activities that happen early in the day when they are most alert.
  • Early morning learning activity is often reading or writing your child can lose so many opportunities to learn these critical life skills.
  • Helps your child to learn about routines and commitment.
  • Gives your child time to greet their friends before class and this can reduce the possibility of disruptions in the classroom.
  • Class disruption can make your child feel uncomfortable and can upset other children.
  • Arriving on time every day makes children feel good about themselves

Kindergarten Registration for SY22-23

If you have a child that will turn 5 by August 31, 2022, please complete the kindergarten application. Full registration takes place in early spring. To complete the registration process, additional materials and information will be sent to all families of incoming kindergarten students who have returned the application.

Please complete the online application by January 18th at the link below: (a Gmail account is required) If you require a paper copy of the application, please email our Administrative Assistant, Jennifer Frommer at

School Lunch Menu

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In Our Nashoba Community

Girls Scouts

Interested in you and your girl becoming a Girl Scout family? You're invited to see for yourself what Girl Scouts has to offer. Lancaster is welcoming girls in grades K-3 to join in the fun!

For more information contact Lisa Larson, OR Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusetts: or call 508-365-0115

Lancaster's Angel Tree

Each year the lobby of the Lancaster Police department transforms and becomes home to Lancaster’s Angel Tree. Year, after year the generosity and support from the residents and local businesses have always helped to make this event a huge success. This year more than ever, our local families need our help. Please consider getting involved and helping to make a difference for fellow community members. Tags can be picked up in the lobby of the police station any time or email for information on how to participate.

Lancaster’s 2021 Angle tree is dedicated to Francine Moody, Francine was the face of the Lancaster Police department and the heartbeat of the Angle tree for many years. In honor of her memory, we will keep this tradition and all the dreams made possible through the Lancaster’s Angel Tree, alive!

The NRHS Holiday Concert is Coming!

Time to get in the holiday spirit! Come enjoy some fun musical selections at the Nashoba Regional High School in December! The NRHS Bands and Choral groups will perform a Holiday Concert on Wednesday, December 15th at 7 pm in the NRHS auditorium (12 Green Road, Bolton, MA). Admission is $5 per person (seniors and students are free), payable at the door. NRSD concerts are family friendly...younger musicians are especially encouraged to attend. Masks for attendees are required. Come and enjoy music at Nashoba Regional High School!

Helpful Information & Links

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