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April 25, 2014

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You could feel it in the air

I don't know how to thank our fabulous PTO for the work that has gone into the CRES Fest. Talk about a village to get something done, we've certainly rallied an amazing village to put together the event that starts in less than an hour.

I want to encourage each class of students to write thank yous to the PTO folks. You'll make their days. Please schedule something in your plans for Monday or Tuesday as there is an Exec Bd meeting Tuesday night.

Thanks to each of you for supporting a Silent Auction Basket, the Roadrunner Rally, and attendance at the Fest. It's been incredible.

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Woo Hoo

Thanks to those folks who stopped or emailed to mention positives from the BSE visits on Friday. I really appreciated hearing what jogged thinking, planning, and contemplation.

Thanks to each of you who used your visit to think about what the possibilities are. That kindness, that kind of attitude are what will help us move forward.

What Trended on Twitter Last Week

In order to continue to create the culture of student inquiry, we need to ask, but also have students ask, good questions. Below is a visual of exactly where to go with this.
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Thanks to Kristin H for inviting Drew Daywalt to CRE. Listening to the laughter he generated reminded me of the joy in interactive read alouds. How fortunate we are to be able to invite a writer of his caliber to our school.

Melissa has been smiling for several days that the NWEA sign-up went so well. Thanks to each of the classroom teachers for signing up quickly and problem-solving any schedule issues.

And of course the Roadrunner Rally was a big hit with the kids. They came streaming into school Thursday morning almost giddy with anticipation. Kids I've seldom seen running into school were reminded to use their walking feet. Here's to a brand new tradition at CRE. Thanks to everyone for bending and flexing on Thursday to make the RR Rally work.

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Best Practices in Reading

In the current issue of the Reading Teacher magazine, there is an article entitled, "Best Practices in Reading - a 21st Century Skill Update." I'd like to share parts of this article with you over the next several weeks.

Best practice is a term we throw around all the time. It's one of those vague/abstract terms that we all can interpret a bit differently. In this article by Kathleen Roskos and Susan B. Newman, best practices in reading are described as those instructional approaches and techniques that improve children's reading development. They are practices that have acquired evidence over time that if used with fidelity, children are likely to become proficient in reading.

The article identifies five key findings identified as best practices in reading. We'll look at one or two each week so that we can be affirmed in what we are already doing and nudged to continue refining and reflecting upon our practices.

Here are the five identified best practices:

  • Children need explicit instruction in vocabulary development
  • Children need to develop knowledge through text
  • Rereading helps children to reinforce, deepen, and consolidate learning from reading
  • Children's motivation to read is enhanced through digital texts
  • Children need to pay attention to syntax to strengthen comprehension

The goal of this article is not to create a static list of best practices, but engage those of us in the reading community to consider best practices, and how we may promote their uses, with fidelity in classroom instruction.

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Teacher Appreciation Chair Massages

Dr. Mogle has again offered us free massages during Teacher Appreciation Week. She was here last year and many of you took advantage of a 10 minute chair massage. Dr. Mogle is a chiropractor that believes in wellness and being pro-active.

If you want to sign-up for a massage, the sheet will be on the cupboards near the mailboxes on Monday.

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Looking Ahead

Monday, April 28 Day 2

  • April 28-May 13 ISTEP Multiple Choice
  • Pledge - Young
  • 10:45 Fire Drill
  • 3:10 Data collab - K
  • 4:00 Math Study Group - Chapter 7

Tuesday, April 29 Day 3

  • 8:00 Interest Group PD - HSE21 - Thick and Thin Questions - PD room
  • 3:10 Data collab - Team 1
  • 7:00 PTO Exec bd meeting - Lisa attends

Wednesday, April 30 Day 4

  • 3:10 Data collab - Team 2

Thursday, May 1 Day 1

  • May 1-31 Asian/Pacific Islander American Heritage month
  • May 1-31 GLobal Health and Fitness Month
  • Better Hearing and Speech/Healthy Vision Month
  • May 1 - Law Day - Recognizing the importance of the courts and their role in ensuring access to justice for all
  • 8:00 Office meeting
  • 3:10 Data collab - Team 3

Friday, May 2 Day 2

  • CRES Spiritwear
  • 3:10 Data collab - Team 4

Monday, May 5 Day 3

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Cafe Workers' Week
  • Pledge - Stage
  • 3:10 Collab - K
  • 4:10 Running Out of Time book study

Tuesday, May 6 Day 4

  • 7:30 Learning Leadership Team
  • 1:00-3:00 Elem principals' meeting - CO
  • 3:10 Collab - Team 1
  • 7:00 PTO Open Forum - art room

Wednesday, May 7 Day 1

  • Ryan Flessner at CRE - Math Workshop - all day
  • 11-2 Free Massages
  • Project ACES - PM
  • 3:10 Collab - Team 2

Thursday, May 8 Day 2

  • 8:00 REACH classroom decisions - all teachers invited - PD room
  • 3:10 Collab - Team 3
  • 4:15 RtI mtg - FHS Media Center
  • 5:00-8:00 Fourth Grade Track Meet - FHS

Friday, May 9 Day 3

  • Hawaiian Day
  • 11:40 HSE21 mtg - PD room
  • 3:10 Collab - Team 4