Martin's Musings

May 15, 2016

Awards Assembly

Tuesday will be our annual Awards Assembly. A big "thank you" to Janet for the time she has spent printing off dozens of awards. I also appreciate the time and thought you have given to the various awards you will include in the packets.

Some reminders:

1. Each student who receives a Citizenship award will also receive a pin. These pins are in your mailbox.

2. Each student who receives a "Perfect" Attendance award will also receive a medal and pin which are in your mailbox.

3. Each student who receives a "Good" Attendance award will also receive a pin.

You will put the certificates in the class picture envelopes which were rubber banded together in your mailbox on Friday. You will read the student name then the list of awards from the spreadsheet you were provided on Friday in your mailbox.

If you want me to sign any of the certificates, please get them to me as early Monday as possible.

Since we will most likely have several visitors arrive for the assemblies, please plan on a heightened level of professional dress. This not only puts our best forward for our public, but creates a sense of importance for our students.

What questions/confusion is there out there about the assembly?

Class Meetings

More and more students arrive at school without what we consider some basic social skills. These range from waiting one's turn to speak, to using kind words, to KYHFAAOOTY. It is becoming more and more evident which students are being exposed to these basic social skills at home. Since many of our students are not being taught these "soft skills" it is imperative we do so.

Yes, taking time away from the 3 R's to teach social skills will shave some minutes off these foundational academic areas. However, think of the lost instructional time this year dealing with tattling, blurting out, pushing in line, etc. Not to mention the increased stress level and phone calls home. Let's be Proactive!

Daily, or at least weekly, class meetings are not only a structure where social skills can be modeled and taught, they also give the students a voice in how their class functions and empowers them to be problem solvers. I have attached several links to articles concerning class meetings.

Next year I would like for each class to have at least one 20-30 minutes class meeting per week. These meetings need to have a structure, but allow for student voice and choice. As the year progresses allow the students to help establish the agenda and perhaps even partner with you in conducting the class meetings. If we are intentional and consistent in hosting class meetings, the time spent will be rewarded with fewer discipline problems and less time away from academics to deal with those time wasters that can dominate our day.

Class Meetings: A Democratic Approach to Classroom Management

Power of Morning Meeting

Class Meetings