Welcome to Alneia

by Anne Joffe and Alaina Kahn

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Welcome to the Country of Alneia

The Country of Alneia is an island with ocean surrounding all sides. There are mountains surrounding a hot spring, which is open to everyone. There is one huge lake in the middle of Alneia. There is a desert and many snowy mountains to play on in the winter. We are a country of 3 million people. Our primary language is English, but everyone has to learn Spanish because many immigrants come from Mexico. In Alneia you are required to have a high school education. At the age of 18 all men are required to sign up for the military. Every year we pick a large group and they join the military for 2 years. Women are allowed to join the military but are not required. The retirement age for men and women is 65. Everyone pays 20% of their salary in taxes.

Six Freedoms

In the country of Alneia everyone is free to

  • Freedom to practice any religion they want
  • Freedom of speech
  • Freedom to date anyone you want
  • Freedom to join any political party
  • Freedom to work in Alenia
  • Freedom to live anywhere in our country

Six things that are Illegal

In the country of Alneia six things that are illegal are

  • No Murder
  • No Smoking
  • No Drinking under 21
  • No Same-sex marriage
  • No transgender
  • No drugs that aren't for medical uses

Type of Government

The type of government in the country of Alneia is representative democracy. The reason we chose this type of government is because the people of our country should have an opinion on how it's run. If you are living in a country you should get a say on how it goes. There are many different reasons we didn't choose any other government. One, we don't believe that only one person should be in charge (monarchy or dictatorship). We also don't believe that a person should rule just because there parents were in charge. Also, in the other governments the citizens don't have a say in how the government is ruled. Once one ruler dies all the citizens of Alneia will vote on who the next ruler should be,

Type of Economy

The country of Alenia has a Capitalist Economic System. We believe that the government should not interfere in people's property owning and businesses. Communism did not work for our country because we don't believe that people should get free, homes, jobs, and educations. We think that people should work for their money and homes and that people should get to own their own property. Socialism didn't work because we don't believe that the government should have full control over all citizens in the country. Citizens should get to choose some of the things they do, like where they work and where they live.

System of Government

The country of Alneia has a Federal government. They have this system of government because we believe that the power should be evenly distributed among the country. Each state in the country should be able to create their own laws and make decisions. It's best for our country because we are a very fair country with good people that should make decisions about their own life and country.

What are some fun things to do in your country

There are many fun things to do in the country of Alneia

  • Swimming
  • Sledding
  • Roller skating
  • Ice skating
  • Biking
  • Going to the movies
  • Going to theme parks
  • Shopping