Shattuck Classes

8th grade classes at Shattuck


This year in my science class, we did a ton of experiments. One of the many labs or experiments was the mentos and cola lab/experiment. It involves your putting mentos in a two liter bottle of cola. The cola mixed with the mentos creates a geyser. We also had to do a weather forecast.


This year in math we learned about algebra. In Shattuck there are advanced algebra classes then the normal math classes. One this I learned was in chapter 9 in intro to algebra was Scatter plots, two way tables, lines of fit, and lastly Choosing a data display. This was one of 10 chapters that 8th graders and a couple 7th graders learn.
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Social Studies

This year in Social Studies or Soc as I call it, We learned about a couple different things. Some of the history I learned about was Andrew Jackson, War of 1812, Constitution, and Trials and the justice system. I was a bailiff in the trial when we were acting. One thing about the social studies classes here is we tend to act out the history. You will never have a dull day in your social studies class

Web 2.0

This year in web 2.0, which is a technology class. I learned a lot of things like info graphs, websites,digital story, and etc... I learned a ton of useful things that will help me in life. Web 2.0 you got to give 100-110% if you want to get a good grade. I f you follow the directions your teacher gives and using your own mind then you will do good in this class.
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I learned how to Inline-skate. Shattuck PE classes teach a variety of different thing to keep us active. PE teaches football,basketball,soccer, and etc. In Physical Education we do fitness assessment they test us on flexibility,cardio,biceps strength, height and weight, pushups, and situps. PE let children that don't get a lot of exercise get 40ish minutes of exercise.
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