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New Newsletter

I've decided to send a newsletter once a month to let you know what's going on in the world of technology. Although this will replace my weekly Tech Tips, this format will allow for "meatier" hints, tricks, and resources. Let me know what you think!!

Moodle Updates

Hope you've enjoyed the ease of use that the new Moodle upgrade allows. You don't even have to open a topic box to add a resource. Just minimize your page and drag and drop a PDF, image, or google doc into the desired box. Genius!
Click here for...PowerTeacher Resources

First 6 weeks is almost over (can you believe it!) This link will provide information on how to override grades, add comments, and print verification reports.

Google Classroom

I will be introducing Google Classroom to you during your September/October Professional Development sessions. This Google folder management system will make it easy for you to share, collect, and organize assignments for students.

Did you know??

  • Shutting down your computer completely will allow for any updates to take affect. Always do this before putting in a ticket - it might just solve your problem.

  • Bookmark your favorite sites by clicking on the star to the right of the web address (URL). This will place it in the bookmark bar for easy access. Want to make a folder of bookmarks? Just right click in the bookmark bar somewhere and Add a Folder.

  • Now you can delete a Google item while you're in it. Just go to < File, < Move to Trash. It will only be completely gone when you empty your Google trash.

Afterschool PD- Assessment Slam!

Don't forget about this great Professional Development opportunity at the PDC this Thursday. Check out this link for more information!
Don't forget to link your Moodle Page!

Use this link for directions on how to link your Employee Profile and Moodle page to the school's "Teacher Class Pages".