Open House Smore

By Jacob Sylvestri

Thirty Hands Project

Our Thirty Hands project was made by us. It was an individual assignment that talked about global climate change and global warming. I had trouble making the video a link, so it's in my camera roll.

Invention Convention

For the Invention Convention, I had to make an invention out of recyclables that would help solve a problem. I chose to create a water wheel that will attatch to boats and run from the river's current or the ocean's tides to generate electricity for the boat. It even has an outlet on the side if you really want to charge your phone or straighten your hair over the ocean or a river. It also has an adjustable height option depending on boat size. The waterproof solar panels are just to generate extra energy in case the boat stops or the river is running slowly. Anyways, this invention helps solve the world's problem of pollution. It helps with pollution because it can attatch to a river bank and send the energy to a house and power their electricity. The spread of this product will lower pollution levels from power plants by either putting them out of business or making them need to produce lower amounts of electricity. Why is pollution such a big problem? First of all, it is drilling holes into the earth's ozone layer, letting loose harmful UV rays from the sun that are bad for our skin. Pollution is also killing fish and infecting sea food. Waste is dumped into the ocean and the fish breathe it in. This kills millions of fish and contaminates sea food.

Weathering and Erosion

The weathering and erosion unit was my favorite science unit this year. In it, I learned how rivers are formed, how they make other land forms, how the sea can wear away rocks, how water slowly cuts through rock, and more. I liked learning how something as little as a tiny stream can make something as huge and grand as the Grand Canyon. I also loved listening to my teacher tell us how acid rain forms and how sand from dust storms hits rock anc wears it away. It taught me alot about why things don't last forever and also how things move to where they are.