The LaCrosse Play-by-Play

News from Mrs. LaCrosse's 2nd Grade Classroom

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Hello, Families!

I hope you had a wonderful week! We sure did. This past week has been full of poetry, geometry, and fun! Enjoy the weekend, and I look forward to next week (the month of May begins Friday!!!) with your child!

Please ask your child:


  • What are you reading? Tell me about your book.
  • You learned about context clues. What does the word "ball" mean in the following sentence? We had a ball at school today.


  • Tell me how writers make music with their words.
  • Tell me about the poems you have written this week.


  • You took your math test this week. How did you do?
  • Tell me what you're working on in Accelerated Math 2.0.

Please encourage your child's use of Accelerated Math 2.0 and IXL at home to support the learning at school!

The Week Ahead...

Thursday, April 30th: There will be a substitute in the AM, as I will be attending a meeting.

Friday, May 1: NO SCHOOL