The Down Falls of Common Core

By: Payton Massey

Just a few more problems and then I'm done I say to myself. I'm in math class doing the daily Common Core. Common Core is very hard and stressful. I know this from experience! Not many students are excited about the changes and effects of Common Core! I don't agree with Common Core and think schools should change the curriculum.

More tests

Common Core creates way more tests for students to take. Teachers are under pressure to cover the topics in a shorter period of time. This means that students are not getting enough practice. When students then have to take these standardized tests, they are overwhelmed. Some teachers also claim that sometimes students are not being exposed to what's going to be on the test until they take the test. ("Gewertz, Catherine 2013") This is a big problem and very unfair to students who have to take these tests!

Test Grades

Since schools have started implementing Common Core, some test scores have suffered. Students, who were above or at grade level have dropped to at or below grade level. With Common Core teachers have to give more worksheets and do less hands-on activities. ("Parents Protest High Testing" 2015) When teachers were able to do more hands-on exercises, test scores were up. Kids are most likely not going to remember how to find what X equals on a daily Common Core assignment, but the will probably remember that activity they did in sixth grade on how to find the run and rise with Knex roller coasters. How to find what X equals and the run and rise of a roller coaster are equally difficult. If you do some hands-on practice activity, students will probably get that answer right on a test. With daily Common Core, there is not enough time for hands-on activities.

What About Other Activities?

With Common Core there are more tests and homework. Where does this put extra-curriculum activities like the arts and sports? ("Gewertz, Catherine" 2013) Arts and sports are important too, but with Common Core there is not enough time to support these other content areas with more homework. Kids also get very overwhelmed! Kids have dropped out of sports because they have to read, finish homework, and study for tests. ("Parents Portal High Testing" 2015)

The Other Side

Some people believe that Common Core is good for students. They think it educates them better. I very strongly believe that the Common Core curriculum does not educate students any better than before Common Core. With Common Core students use more than one problem solving skill in a problem. If schools didn't use Common Core, students could just use one method to solve a problem. To master multiple methods or skills to solve the same problem is very stressful.

I am against Common Core. Students have been given way more standardized tests than before Common Core. Standardized test grades have dropped. Also where does this put classes like the arts? They are important too. I feel very strong about Common Core and hope you are with me.


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