News From Mrs. Jose's Room

November 16-20th

Magazine Project

We are hard at work completing our magazines.

If your child would like to print off any pictures or text features from a home computer they are more than welcome to do that and bring them in by Friday of this week. They have been able to print some off at school in black and white but many students have requested color. Colored pictures are an option but not a requirement since we can't print them at school.

We hope you are able to come to school on Tuesday at 2pm to see our hard work!

*You will be able to take your child home with you after our celebration if you would like.

Math Notebooks

We have been doing such great work in math that our notebooks are busting at the seems and we are running out of room to show our work!

I would love to have us begin using math binders so that we can add pages in as we expand our learning. If you are able to send in a 1inch binder and a few 3 hole dividing pages/tabs we would greatly appreciate it. The dollar store usually has these items. Your child can begin using his/her new math binder as soon as they have one.

Please don't rush out to get one. We aren't in a hurry and some students still have room. If your child runs out before they have a binder they can use loose leaf paper and keep it in a folder.

*If you are unable to send in a binder or dividers please let me know. I do have a few extras in our room that can we be used.

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World Kindness Day

Did you see us on Facebook? Last Friday, we spent the morning spreading kindness all around our school, the parking lot, and then we walked over to the HSE administration building! We were able to walk around and see all of the "behind the scene" hard work that goes into running our district. The HSE staff loved getting notes of kindness from our class.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Friday Nov. 20th $1 Hat Day
  • Tuesday Nov. 24th at 2pm Magazine Celebration
  • Thanksgiving Break

Please enjoy your time with family and friends over the holiday break. We won't have a reading log to do! We also won't have a weekly newsletter.

  • November 30th Scholastic Orders Due