Mass Hysteria

Nick Mistopoulos

Witch Trials

The Salem witch trials started in the spring of 1692. The first person convicted was Bridget Bishop. She was hanged not long after she was convicted and 18 more joined her over the rest of the year. Around 150 more people were convicted of being witches but after 19 people hanged, the publics opinion about witchcraft had changed. The charges on the rest of the people were nullified.
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Hysteria in Ferguson Riots

After Michael Brown had died people started riots. After some people started smashing windows and looting stores other people joined in because they felt safer with many. They all had the mob mentality. This is connected to the witch trials because all of the girls that were accusing people felt safer if they all accused the same person. The people in the riots and in the witch trials felt they couldn't get caught if they weren't the only one.
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