By Cristen


My name is Cristen and i have lots of friends but my best friends are Chelsea, Tarleigh, Georgie, Elie, Eryn and Gemma. Chelsea and i used to be "bus buddies" and this year we have recently become really close friends. Tarleigh and i became friends in preschool and in year 2 she was a really good friend and this year we have re-united once again.

Georgie and i also became friends in preschool and have been friends ever since but aroud this year we have come closer and our bond is really good. I met Elie in preschool as well in kindergarten and year 1 we have been good friends but from year 2 and up we have been best friends. Eryn and i met in kindergarten but from year 3 we have become really good friends. Gemma and i met in year 2 we were okay friends and then from year 3 we have been really close.

How to make friends

There are several ways to make friends:

*If you see someone sitting by themselves with no friends you could simply go up to them and ask if they want to join in with your game and ask them to come play with you.

*If on the other hand you have no one to play with you could go ask that person if you can go join in with them.

*You could interact with them online and try to organise a play day but make sure that you not talking to a stranger.

Some of my friends are:

I bet you that you will get along very well with any of these girls!

Do we have arguments and disagreements

Yes of course we do we usually have minor disagreements and rarely have arguments. If you are all true friends then i bet you that you will barely ever have arguments or disagreements.

We are BFFL (Best Friends For Life)

Whatever the weather or the day we are true friends and we have trust in each other <3