Ruby Bridges

Leadership project

When she first started

This is a picture of Ruby when she first started at an ALL white school

When was Ruby Bridges born?

Ruby was born on September 8th 1954 which would make her 61 years of age

how did she become a leader?

She was the first black child to go to an all white school, which shows that anyone can do anything. Now she encourages many other blacks students to stay in school.

What is her famous quote?

"don't follow a path. Go where there is no path and start a trail

What are parents names?

Abon Bridges and Lucile Bridges

How many siblings does she have?

Ruby has four sibling, a sister and three brothers

What does she look like today?

She is 61 and is healthy
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What is the name of her book?

Her book is called Through My Eyes
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What are some interesting facts?

Ruby loves to read and she loves spending time with kids and reading.
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