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Elena Boon

About Me

My name is Elena Boon, and I am a senior at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. Currently, I am enrolled in College Composition and Research, and this class is taught by Dr. Watkins. In addition, I enjoy reading, running, and shopping. In the future, I plan to attend the University of Missouri and major in Accountancy.

Collection of Works

Academic Resume

In this resume, I show my honors, leadership, organizations, and service throughout high school.

Words Left Unsaid

In this essay, I describe the words that I wish I would've said to my older brother before he passed away.

Two Is Better Than One

In this essay, I argue against single motherhood.

Dancing out of Reality

In this essay, I explain that the reality television show Dance Moms is an exaggeration of real life.

Grades are Achievement

In this essay, I defend grades in school because they are relevant for achievement.


In this essay, I present that stay-at-home mothers can be constructive and progressive in their professional lives.


In this essay, I support vegetarian diets because they reduce health risks.

"Top 5" Lessons

Dec 17, 2017 4:50 PM

Reflection on My Best Piece of Writing

"Did You Know?"

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