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Wear the World AND Keep It Classy

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Wear the World and Keep It Classy

To wear the world is to adventure, to explore, to find new places and live life finding the new. Serengetee promotes that and all the wonderful things that go along with it. They promote the adventure, and changing your life to make the world a better place, one tshirt at a time.

But wearing the world can also happen in your everyday life. I wear the world to class, to football games, to my everyday life. Serengetee also promotes this, finding adventure in the ordinary, and finding ways to change the world in everyday life, one tshirt at a time.

Formal life, and formal wear, is a part of that. To wear the world is, also, to work, to go to formals, to dress up. Bow ties can do that. In formal life people celebrate, they mourn, they work. I think that with bow ties that wear the world you can find adventure in the formal life as well.

They can help people wear the world in their formal life.

examples of bow ties (in serengetee worthy fabrics):

bridging the gap between the everyday and the fancy

Everyday people people in normal situations will have moments when they need to be fancy. As much as we wish we could live life out exploring sometimes we have to dress up to celebrate, sometimes we have to mourn, sometimes we have to work, and that means we have to be classy, we have to be fancy, we have to be professional.

Why not let them wear the world at the same time?

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