School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins

Book Report by Kaitlyn Quiring

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Izzy Branick isn't your typical teenage girl; she hunts down and kills monsters with her mother. This all changes when her sister Finley goes missing after one of their missions. Izzy's mother gives her a chance to redeem herself by offering her an easy case in a small town. To uncover clues about the ghost problem, Izzy is enrolled in the high school there.
These three friends are part of a Paranormal Club, and are trying in their own ways to hunt down the ghost. Izzy ends up working with them and becoming close to them. They try many ways to end the hauntings of Mary's ghost, but none seem to work until Dex's Nana helps. The author uses a laid-back angle to try and capture the essence of high school and the kind of relationships people have with their friends and family. The genre of the book was fiction; there was a lot of talk about monsters and other supernatural beings. The theme that I got out of the book was that when things get hard, your friends are always there for you and can be trusted. This is showed by when Izzy gets in a fight with her mom, Dex and Romy are there to listen.


What did you enjoy about the book?
I enjoyed this book because it was different than anything I've ever read. Normally I tend to stick with realistic fiction books, but this one obviously wasn't because the main plot line was centered around hunting down a ghost.
If the book was well written, what made it that way?

This book was well-written. The author made it seem like her characters were real. She did this by giving each character little quirks, or things that set them apart from others.

Was the ending satisfactory (for fiction)? Why or why not?

In my opinion, the ending was definitely satisfactory. It had the story come full-circle, but left in enough suspense that I'm expecting a sequel.

What interesting or notable facts do you know about the author?

She has written another series of books called Hex Hall. These books take place in the same paranormal "world" as the book School Spirits. These are both ongoing series.


School Spirits