The Dream Machine Commercial

By: Ashley Zamora and Janely Mosqueda


Hey you, yea you! Are you ever too lazy or too busy in the mornings to dress up and fix your hair the way you want it to be?? Well now you can buy the one and only Dream Machine! It is a very cool electronic, in the morning when you get out of bed, you can just tell the dream machine what type of clothing you want to wear, although you do have to tell The Dream Machine what size clothing you wear. But wait there is more! Not only does The Dream Machine dress you up but it can also fix your hair into the style you want it to be! It has all the hair designs you would dream of, and if we don't have your hair design you can txt us the design at 555.712.4523 then, when we get your message we will upgrade the dream Machine with your design on it WITH YOUR NAME SAYING THAT YOU MADE THAT DESIGN UP, so imagine if a famous person liked your design! YOU COULD BE FAMOUS! The Dream Machine also comes in different sizes from large, medium, and small. But that is not the best thing about the dream machine!!! If you order a Large you get a FREE Medium dream machine. The Dream Machine also comes in any color you like! Yes, including Galaxy Form!! The Dream Machine is only $2,000 with the installation of $50 ONLY FOR A LIMITED OF TIME!! The Dream Machine is not in stores so, to order online you can go to www.dreamachine/ or you can just call at 555.712.4523. Hurry, you don't have much time so pick up the phone and call now.

Celebrity Endorsement

I will guarantee you that when all the celebrity's find out about The Dream Machine they will buy it as soon as they see this commercial. Yes, that is including Jennifer Lawrence, one direction, and many more!!!