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Ask Me About...

Here are just a few of the things you can ask your kindergartner about from this past week:

We enjoyed reading many poems this week while celebrating National Poetry Month. Each day, the poems focused on a different digraph sound to help the students learn the sounds that the digraphs th, sh, and wh make. Can your child tell you the sounds they make?

During math, the students learned how to use the number line and draw pictures to help them solve subtraction number stories. I introduced "Linus the Minus" who is greedy and likes to take away or subtract from numbers.

During centers, some of the students met with me this week for a friendly competition. One goal we have for our kindergartners is to be able to write their sight words as quickly as possible. This allows them to spend more time writing their ideas and less time worrying about spelling during writing activities. I set the timer for 5 minutes and asked the students to write as many of our word wall words that they could in that time. They then tried to beat their own time during the second round. Ask your kindergartner how many words he/she could write both times. Try setting a timer at home and see if they can write even more words in five minutes.

The students learned about the digestive system and how it helps us. Can your kindergartner tell you where our intestines are located and what they help us do? (Note: The students thoroughly enjoyed discussing "poop" in school this week!)

We kicked off our social studies unit on Community Helpers with a visit from a local pediatric dentist. Dr. Ross Levine from Growing Smiles ( shared dental health tips and his role as a dentist with the kindergarten classes.

Along with academic skills, we are always trying to encourage social skills with the kindergartners. This week, the students practiced shaking hands and introducing themselves. We discussed using a solid handshake with the right hand and looking the person in the eye while smiling during the greeting. Ask your child to show you how he/she would greet a new person.

During library, Mrs. Robinson introduced biographies and autobiographies, and the class visited the nonfiction biography section. They looked at biographies of Lincoln, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Washington, Kennedy, and Eisenhower and related them to their likenesses on coins. They read a small part of the Roosevelt biography. Mrs. Robinson and the kindergartners also looked at several other biographies (Dr. Seuss, President Obama, Peyton Manning, etc.) and autobiographies by the famous authors Jon Scieszka and Tomie de Paola.

Looking Ahead

Below is what we have coming up next week:
  • We will continue to read and enjoy poetry. The upcoming poems will focus on different word families.
  • We will talk about different people who are community helpers and begin the parent presentations. Thank you to those who have signed up. It is not too late to share your career with the kindergartners. You can sign up at
  • We will practice counting by 2's to 30 and measuring objects to the nearest inch.

Important Dates

  • Monday, April 11th: Kutz Spirit Day
  • Monday, April 11th: We will begin collecting games for our class' raffle basket. Thank you for your contributions!
  • Friday, April 15th: Scholastic book orders due
  • Friday, April 22nd: No school
  • Friday, April 29th: Kutz Spirit Day
  • Friday, April 29th: Last day to send in games for our class' raffle basket.

APP of the Week

Students discovered an easy and fun way to learn how to tell time using both analog and digital clocks with Interactive Telling Time Lite. The students enjoyed setting the clock to the nearest hour and identifying different times to the nearest minute.

Pictures of the Week

Dental Health with Dr. Levine

Volleyball Anyone?

Mystery Reader