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January 2015

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Upcoming Testing

Unlike the Staar test that the 3rd and 4th graders take in April, our students that are in those grade levels are eligible for alternative testing based on their individual needs. I wanted to specifically provide information regarding the STAAR Alt 2 assessment.

What is it?

- Alternative assessment based on academic standards consisting of 24 scripted questions. As like the 3rd and 4th graders take the STAAR assessment, our students will be tested in the same subject areas (3rd grade: Math & Reading, 4th grade: Math, Reading, & Writing). It is designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities that are receiving SPED services.

How is a student assessed?

- The assessment is administered to the students individually. The student is provided accommodations that are considered allowable by TEA that maintain the integrity of the assessment, are listed in their ARD paperwork, and are used routinely during instruction. Based on the student’s needs, they can respond to the questions verbally, physically, and/ or visually.

When is the assessment?

- The testing window is February 9-27th.


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Thank you so much for your flexibility during the MOY testing window! I really appreciate you!

At our last district Dyslexia Training we learned about a free really cool tool called Learning Ally that can be used by a student to read and/or listen to books online while at school or at home. I am in the process of creating accounts for the students I serve and monitor. A Technology Support Specialist will be adding this site to our MacBooks here at Ridgeview soon. I have included the parent letter that will go home once Learning Ally is up and running! You are welcome to check out .

I also included a wheel of apps that is broken down into what the targeted use for each would be. Parents often ask what specific apps would target a skill and I thought this was a great visual! Enjoy!!!

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The Kindergarten testing is finished. Parents should be getting the results in the mail by the end of January. Open nominations for the rest of the campus will begin the month of April. All nominations need to be turned in by May 1st.


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Daydreaming Isn’t a Waste of Time!

I know we want our students to pay attention, but we have to give them time to “daydream.” This article provides interesting research on the importance of this!


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TELPAS is coming soon! J

TELPAS is a summative assessment that documents the proficiency levels of ELLs in a statewide spring assessment.

All teachers who have LEP students in their classroom will be TELPAS raters. TELPAS raters will receive training after the holidays. This training will outline their responsibilities and will give a detailed timeline of events. If you would like to get a head start by learning more about this important assessment, the following link is a great way to start!

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Stacy Crabb and Shelly Shaltry

RES ESL Specialists


It's testing time...

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AIMS Web Testing January 6th- January 16th

All 3rd and 4th grade teachers have their AIMS Web testing materials and should be ready to give their assessments to ALL students in their classroom.

Just a couple of reminders on timing...

MCap 8 Minutes

MComp 8 Minutes

MAZE 3 Minutes

RCBM 1 Minute (optional/not required)

Please have ALL scores entered by Wednesday, January 14th in preparation for our Teacher Data Meetings.

TPRI Testing January 6th - January 22nd

All Kindergarten - 2nd grade teachers should already have submitted for a sub to do their testing. Please make sure that you have not taken off a Monday or a Friday. A TPRI refresher Powerpoint will be sent as a review for the MOY testing. Please review prior to assessing your students. Please remember to sync prior to testing your students and make sure that all of your students are on your roster. If they are not, please contact Kristine. If you have a new iPad and need to be transferred to the new iPad, please let Kristine know.

All testing for RES campus should be completed by January 20th in order to begin preparations for our Teacher Data Meetings.

CPAA Testing February 2nd - 6th

All classes in Kindergarten- 2nd grade will be taking the CPAA tests February 2nd - 6th. Below is a link, Sign-In-Google Accounts, to sign up for your computer lab time. We will be doing the computer lab testing in the Literacy Library where there will be not distractions and there are more time slots available. This will be the MOY Benchmark. The computer lab will be ready will all supplies and you will not need to bring anything but something for your students to do when they are finished and your username and password. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Documentation & Upcoming SIT Meetings

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