Summer Writing Challenge


It all started with this question:

“Mrs. Frazier, how many more days of Writing Workshop?” Chloe asked as we settled into writing."

Writing Workshop is a place where we learn to refine the craft and tools of writing, but students write throughout the school day, and many write from home. So why would writing stop when the school year ends?

"Chloe, you have a lifetime of writing. Writing, collecting stories, and sharing with others is a gift of life, and it never ends. Aren’t we lucky Chloe?”

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When I asked, "Who thinks you will so swim, hike, ride bikes, play at the park, go on picnics, go on a vacation, stay up late, and sleep late this summer?" Evey hand in our room was creating a wind storm!

So, when I asked,

"What if I said you can do ALLLLLL this AND talk to your friends, Mrs. Frazier, and the world? What if I said you can share all this with your friends, me and the world and we would talk back to you? Who would be in?

The results are above! All in, two hands and two feet!

So what exactly are we in for?


Here's How to Participate in the Challenge #KidsWritingLife

Collect ideas in your writing notebook throughout the summer.

Writing on your blog once a week. (Have at least one post up every Monday)

Check in on Monday to comment on friends blogs and check you comments.

That's it!

If you're on Twitter you can tweet your child's post using #KidsWritingLife or you can browse #kidswritignlife for post your child may enjoy reading, remember to leave a comment.

No worries, I will also be checking twitter and tweeting out our post to keep the audience exciting for the writers!

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