No S'more Alcohol

health class project on alcohol


Cirrhosis of the liver is one effect of alcohol. Cirrhosis of the liver is when someone drinks alcohol and scar tissue grows in their liver. This can happen to anyone from an alcoholic to a person who has a drink a day. This could make the liver not function correctly. This could cause stomach aches, and vomiting. That is one negative effect from drinking alcohol.

After the drink

One thing this at could happen is after you have the drink it only goes down hill. One thing that could happen is a hangover. That is what your body dose well it is ridding itself of alcohol. Another thing that could happen is a coma. If your body has to much alcohol it could put you on life support for days. Last and worst of all is death. If your body just cant keep you alive on life support than you end up dying and that you can never change. That is another bad thing that could happen.

blurry vision

The last thing I chose is blurred vision. People get in drunk accidents every year and it is cause by alcohol. The reason they get behind the wheel is their senses are impaired. That means that they feel fine. That is why it is a negative effect.
Amber Recine Odd B