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Learning and Assessing in KCS- Winter 2015

Student Surveys

Student Surveys in KCS

Kannapolis City Schools has recently administered local student surveys using the Panorama Education Survey and administration tools. The purpose is to provide formative feedback to teachers and principals. The results have shown to be closely related to EVAAS teacher effectiveness composites. Giving teachers and principals timely, relevant and actionable formative survey data allows for reflection and collaboration. This data is not examined or analyzed at the district level, rather teachers and school leadership teams are encouraged to use the results to guide conversations and improve instruction for students.

Student Surveys in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina has recently begun a pilot of student surveys. KCS has been exempt from participating in the fall survey administration for the state of NC because we have administered our own surveys. However, in the spring we are scheduled to participate in the state's pilot, along with all other districts. The state will be using the same survey instrument that KCS has used. NCDPI's intention is that the survey data will be used formatively by teachers and school leaders. There is no plan to incorporate the survey results into any sort of summative rating. We will provide more information about the survey administration in the spring as it becomes available.
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Provide Feedback about Student Surveys

We are interested to hear your feedback about the student survey administration and results. Please click here and complete the survey below to share your thoughts. You must be signed into your KCS Google Account to access the survey.

(Your responses will be anonymous. Google user information will NOT be collected when you complete the survey. You are required to log into your google account so that we can make sure that people outside of KCS are not able to complete the survey.)

A One-Stop-Shop for School Information

The North Carolina School Report Cards were released at the beginning of the month. While there is no new data included in the report cards, this is a great place to find all sorts of meaningful data about your school and district. You can find current and historical data about school demographics, funding and expenditures, as well as information about personnel and student achievement.

Discovery Education Benchmark Assessments

Finding Meaning in Discovery Education Benchmark Results

We are in the process of completing the second Discovery Education benchmark assessments. The purpose of the DE benchmarks is to give us data about student mastery of the curriculum as a whole. These cumulative benchmarks allow us to gain insight about content that students may already grasp despite not having received instruction for that standard. This allows us to efficiently and proactively customize instruction. They give us an indicator of student growth which allows us to make data-driven decisions to target students or subgroups and allocate our resources appropriately. Standards based benchmark assessments, nor standards based formative assessments can provide this type of data.

As a result, we analyze cumulative benchmark assessments differently than we would analyze standards based benchmark assessments. We do not look at student "proficiency". Rather, we compare results from one benchmark to the next. We examine the results to determine the effectiveness of various programs and strategies throughout the district. Lastly, we now have multiple years of DE assessments so we will compare how our students perform from one year to the next.

Below are various analysis protocol documents that are used at the district, school and classroom level to analyze the Discovery Education Assessments.

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