The American Revolution

By: Max and Bradley

Blue Coat Facts (Continental Army)

-This army could not win with one militia.
-They needed help to defeat the red coats.
-never enough men in the Continental army.
-George Washington had a very tough job.
-Most men would have rathered to do work in the militia .
-some men joined the army because they were sick of being bossed around.
-George Washington had a lot of experience for such a young officer.
-The Americans had great patriotism.
-The Americans knew that they would have to play a strategic game if they were going to win this war.
-The Blue coats also received lots of help from overseas.
- Did not have much men.
- George Washington did not have all of his troops all in one place like he wanted to.
- The Blue Coats also had barely any gun powder.
- They considered switching to bow and arrows for a little bit.
- The Americans had a big motivation when the Declaration of Independence was created.
- The Americans had help from the French.
- The French played a big role in helping us win this war.
- a lot of the Americans had little to none experience going into the war.
- George Washington used hit and run techniques to help them win the war.
- The Americans knew when they got the French they had a good chance of winning.


-Redcoats was a name given to the British because they wore red coats.
-The British fought against the Colonists and French.
-The British lost to the under dogs.
- 42,000 troops at the beginning, They outnumbered their opponent.
- The Redcoats were the one elected to come out of the war with a win.
- The redcoats had more supplies and usage, most supplies came to the people who covered the docks.
- People were trained to go into the war and show what they learned.
- When they wore their red coats it made them easy targets.
- It was hard to send supplies over seas, where They did not know if they would make it.
- The British’s government was bad because they did not get along.
- They were forced to go into an unknown environment.
- Many Red Coat officers during the revolution came from the upper class purchased their promotions.
-Many big names like General Burgoyne, Cornwallis, Clinton, and Howe were all senior members of Parliament.
-Distance was a big problem for the british.
- The British had the most powerful army and government.
-Redcoats had a hard life in the British army.
-The Redcoats pay was extremely poor.
-The uniforms of the Redcoats were kept in the very best.
-The uniforms of the Redcoats were inspected on a daily basis.
-They had many weapons like muskets, flintlocks, saber's or cutlasses as their armory.
- Redcoats were put to work through any condition.
- Taught to just go forward and not turn around.
- Uniform had to be spotless and in right order.

The war that change the world

Shots were fired from all colonies, trying to take down the bright Redcoats. These two armies were fighting for each of their right, FREEDOM. The British were winning the war and taking over poor people and then commander George Washington took charge and called for backup. The french and spanish heard and came quickly to help take controll over the British. Many bodies were destroyed and after everyones sacrifice the Continental Army came out on top. The British gave up and gave the Colonies their land back. They wrote the Declaration of Independence and The people were free. The Continental Army could not have been free from our friends the french and spanish, without them we would be in a different environment.