Mexico To Minnesota

By: Katie Adams

Push And Pull Factors

Some push factors that would make you want to leave Mexico would be money and job being slim there and moving to Minnesota would give you more opportunities then you'd get living in Mexico. Living in Mexico can vary dramatically, some have it better than others

Some pull factors would be the nature and beauty Minnesota has and the safe environment. Job opportunities are greater and we have a variety of culture in our bigger cities. Then there's our country living out by the lakes and woods of Minnesota.

Ravenstein's Laws

Some Ravenstein's laws that my country follow are that they travel from rural to urban, most migrants are adults 20-34, and some counter flow.

A Ravenstein's law that isn't really followed is most international migrants are young males, while more internal migrants are female.

Where They're Coming From

Challenges They Might Have

Some struggle with jobs and of course money which later will lead to not being able to pay bills and possibly losing their house. Some illegally live in Minnesota but then not get a job opportunity or get deported and end up back in Mexico.

Where In Minnesota And What Jobs

They mainly go to big cities like Minneapolis looking for more opportunities and better schooling.

Some work in factories or for big businesses but if that doesn't work out they can find smaller jobs.

My Sources

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