About me

By:Preston Jensen

My Favorites

-I am in 12th grade.

-My favorite kind of music (mostly rock or punk rock) is anything that isn't country,

-My favorite TV show is The Walking Dead

-My favorite foods are mac n cheese, pizza and tacos.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

-My strengths are reading and listening

-My weaknesses are writing.

10 Facts about Me

1.I don't like to read out loud in class.

2. I don't like to be called on in class.

3. I like to play video games

4. I like to work in groups.

5. I like to listen to music

6. i like to watch TV

7. I love to sleep and eat food

8. I don't like to read books

9. I hate writing

10. i don' know what else to put, Imma take a nap

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