Push and Pull Factors

Religious Persecutions in Israel

Push Factors: The main religion there is Judaism. If you live there and you believe in a different religion, then you are considered an outcast.

Pull Factors: Jewish people would like to live here because most of the population beleives in the Jewish faith. Jews won't be considered outcasts in Israel.

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Ethnic Persecution in Afghanistan

Afghans who convert away from Islam are considered apostates in. The other Afghans rally support to persecute and head off the growth of what they call "a foreign religion

So of these Afghans are getting out of their country and fleeing to America or the United Kingdom

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Environmental Factors in Canada

Push: Cold icy winters push people to warmer places

pull: In the summer it is beautiful with average temperatures of 70

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Economic Motives in Japan

Push- small agriculture and rural based economy with only large and crowded cities

Pull- has a huge car industry, makes a lot of consumer electronics, architecture, and large sea food industry

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Political Factors in China

Push- communism limits personal freedoms and power. The government controls almost everything with no real voting or choice of the people.

Pull- communism might be appealing to some, there can also be cultural ties to the country

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Forced Migration in Africa

Pull: The landscape is incredible. It makes the continent look a lot better.

Push: Hot weather, lack of resources, and lots of violent wild animals.

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