I know this is going to sound sooo weird but i cant help it! i actually enjoy school and i cant wait to get to school. except from when im actually there. I HATE IT!! Especially me teachers they would tell you to do something and stop talking, but they keep talking throughout the whole lesson they will not shut up no matter how much you ignore them.

At school i dont really get noticed by alot of people (teachers-only some unfortunetly and the other children at my school) loads of them notice me but thats becasue their my friends.

Right lets get down to the point theres alot of gossip at my school and casue im not a talker, IM A LISTENER. And there is alot to listen to. Like just today i heard about a couple who never had a fight throughout there entire relationship which lasted 3 years straight, and their first argument caused them to split up and slep with there exs.

Just yesterday i had decided that i will never get involved in other peoples problem again i was done putting all their probs before mine, but that promise to myself did not last long. i ended up getting in between the cutest couple of the century (they bothh like each other since they first met but never got together untill I set them up) any way i was talking to the girl (no mention on her name) and she said how happy they were together and they never kept anything from each other, that was untill he asked to speak to me in private i said yes cause i thought i was about her. Unfortunately he was talking to me and he noticed i wasnt really paying any attention cause it was all boing stuff and no juicy gossip casue he normally has some, he put his hands on his shoulders and said i dont love her, i love you, and he tried to kiss me. I was soo disgested and shocked i slaped him as hard as I could andit left a hand print there and i stormed off. I lied to her for about a day untill I oculdnt keep it from her i could never lie to someone so inocent and told her what happend it cause her to dump him and we are still friends but just not so close as we were as you could probably of guessed we wouldnt be!!

Changing the subject. I know most people cant agree with me but im not a natural person actually most people would agree with that, im more into the SUPERNATURAL. I just can not help it i love watching films about it and reading books with it in aswell. Its just something that appels to me. Yeah some might say oh what a loser but some people would agree and say its more apeling than having normal everday. Now that, that would be boring as hell!!

MAGIC! - Rude


I love this song! It can give people courage plus i dont know its just that type of song you can like. Also they dont play it over and over on the radio untill you get soo bored and annoyed of this song you swich the channel over straight away!
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