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No. 2 Spring Term 2014 - R. Fitzpatrick

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

I have attempted to present a range of links in this issue in response to various discussions and requests from staff. Just a reminder, if you come across a quality teaching resource, please pass it on to me to share with colleagues.
I am seeking staff who can offer advice to my Aristotle students (Year 8) who are completing a deep learning project on WATER. Scroll to the bottom of this flyer if you can offer some advice re: topics of interest to students in your subject area/your personal interests related to water.


Aristotle is a collaborative learning project for gifted and talented students in Year 8. The project has a deep learning focus with a sustained and positive approach to learning.

The theme for Aristotle this year is WATER. If you are able to share knowledge or resources you have on water, please click on the Google Doc link below to share with the Aristotle group. Students love staff engagement/participation in the project and appreciate your help.

This group participates in collaborative activities in the first few weeks of this term and then work individually or in groups researching an aspect of water in as much detail as they like. They meet with me each Wednesday at lunchtime in GC1. Their research culminates in a presentation after school at the end of Summer Term.

If a student enjoys your subject, what could they do in relation to water? Students choose from a range of areas such as music compositions, science experiments, creative writing, Bible Studies, humanities, calculations, artwork, IT, drama, dance etc and are encouraged to be creative in presenting their findings.

Please click on the link below to add advice or offer help to students. All Aristotle participants will have access to this site and I am sure they will appreciate any input you have.
Staff Aristotle Advice Link:

Click here for a list of the students involved