Included in This Issue:

  • Upcoming Dates
  • Principals Corner
  • What's happening in Art
  • Attendance Information & Reminders
  • Yearbook Order information/deadline
  • P.A.C.T - Parents and Community Together
  • AVID News
  • R.E.A.L Talk
  • Winter Safety Information
  • Who to Contact

Upcoming Dates

February 2nd - Parent/Teacher Virtual Conferences 3:15-7:30pm

February 8th - Staff Workshop Day - NO SCHOOL for students

February 9th - PACT Meeting 6:30-7:30 (Virtual)

February 12th - NO SCHOOL for students, Staff Planning for Transition to Hybrid

February 15th - President's Day - NO SCHOOL

February 16th - NO SCHOOL for students, Staff Planning for Transition to Hybrid

February 17th - Hybrid Learning begins for Day A students

February 17th - Chipotle Fundraiser 4-8PM Brooklyn Park Chipotle

February 18 - Hybrid Learning begins for Day B students

February 24th - Virtual Parent Series - Topic: AVID program with Stacy Olstadt 6:30-7:30pm

March 11th - Last day of Trimester 2

March 12th - NO SCHOOL for Students - Mark Reporting Day for Teachers

Principal's Corner

We are very excited to be making plans to bring back students to Hybrid learning on Wednesday, February 17th! We know it has been difficult for everyone to adjust to changing models as we navigate safely around COVID-19. We appreciate all families have done to adjust and make it all work the best you can. Please be sure to watch for communications from the district, through email and phone messages, regarding the upcoming return to Hybrid Learning.

Here are some reminders for Hybrid learning as we move forward:

  • Please be sure students and parents/guardians are checking your emails and Schoology messages daily if not more often for important information.
  • Be sure student's Chromebooks are charged and ready for school each day.
  • Set your alarm and get up and ready for school on time so you are not tardy
  • Remember to report student absences and appointments timely

On Wednesday, February 17th Day A students will report to BMS for school. It will be Day 2

On Thursday, February 18th Day B students will report to BMS. It will be Day 2

We will continue to follow the Day A/B and Day 1/2 schedule we followed during Hybrid learning last fall. This rotation is noted in the Parent/Student Handbook Calendar and on our school website calendar as well.

We look forward to see our students soon. As always, please let us know if you have any questions by calling the school office at 763-569-7700.


Look at the amazing artwork students have been doing in Ms. Bennett's Art class. We have some talented artists at BMS!


Attendance Reminders for Distance Days during HYBRID Model:

  • Students who are quarantining or ill must notify the school and students can complete work online for EACH class for attendance
  • Students need to complete attendance form ONCE on non in-person days AND complete work for each class period
  • Students need to check in to Advisory on Friday mornings, their Asynchronous day
  • Teachers submit attendance the next day for the previous day
  • An automatic email is generated by the system and will go out the day after the student was absent

Attendance Reminders for In-Person Days during HYBRID Model:

  • Students need to be at school on their assigned days to be marked present
  • Students who are quarantining or ill must notify the school and students can complete work online for EACH class for attendance

  • Students are expected to be in class on time each hour
  • Teachers will take attendance and report any absent students and submit that day
  • An automatic email generated by the system and will go out if the student was absent from classes

Using ParentVue to track your child’s attendance

If you have any questions about attendance for specific periods of the day or full day, you can see this in ParentVue. This will show what classes students are being marked absent for. Please connect with your child’s teacher(s) if you see a conflict with your child being marked absent.


It is not too late to order your 2020-21 BMS Yearbook!!


VISIT: ybpay.lifetouch.com YEARBOOK ID CODE: 10341421

ORDER DEADLINE: Sunday, February 28, 2021

If you have any questions contact Ms. Beth Romano, Yearbook Advisor at RomanoB@district279.org


Greetings BMS Families!!!

We are Brooklyn Middle School Parents and Community Together also known as BMS P.A.C.T!! What a year and some it's been!! PACT is looking to get things up and running again so that we can make some exciting things happen at BMS the remainder of this year and plan for next. Middle school is a super short time but we have the opportunity to make some great things happen for these kiddos. Game nights, food truck nights, end of year celebrations and more! But we can’t do it alone!! We need our Bulldog community help!!

Please consider joining us...

We will hold a virtual PACT meeting on Tuesday Feb 9th from 6:30-7:30pm.

The Meeting will be held virtually at the provided link. https://meet.google.com/vua-btxj-kdk

It will be a brainstorming and planning session around fundraising, activity planning/community engagement, and areas we would like to fund for BMS families this year and next. Hope to see you there!!!

Community dinner and fundraiser at Chipotle Feb 17th! from 4-8pm.

5901 94th Ave. N.

You must bring one of the attached flyers or mention BMS PACT we get 33% of the purchase! If you want to order online during the 4-8pm on Feb 17th our online code is - NJJ2KDF. only valid on Chipotle website

We can be reached via email at BMSpact@gmail.com


It’s been about two months since Brooklyn Middle School held its first AVID class and so much learning has already happened! 7th grade students who applied and were accepted into the AVID (Advancement via Individual Achievement) program this fall have already learned how to successfully SLANT in class (Sit Up, Lean Forward, Ask Questions, Nod and Take Notes/Talk to Your Teachers), take Focused Notes and use Costas Levels of Questioning to successfully have a Socratic Seminar (discussion) in class!

AVID, a college preparatory program that helps students learn the necessary skills to be successful in high school and in college, will begin recruiting for the 2021-2022 school year in February with the application process taking place during March and April. Final decisions will be made in May. Any incoming 7th grade or 8th grade student interested in applying for AVID should pay attention to information coming out in Advisory in February. All students are encouraged to apply for the program, but it is a best fit for students who are in the academic middle (Bs and Cs for grades) and may be the first person in their family to attend college.

If your student is interested in the AVID program, please plan to attend an AVID Informational Session on Thursday, January 28th and February 2nd at 7:00pm via Google Meets (log in information below).

Families can also learn more about the AVID program by checking out the www.avid.org website or reach out to Stacy Olstadt at olstadts@district279.org or 763.569.7700.

AVID Informational Sessions

Thursday, January 28th and Tuesday, February 2nd
Google Meet Link: https://meet.google.com/lookup/bmsolstadt,

*Be sure to log in from an Osseo Area Schools device/account.


Racial Education Awakening Liberation (R.E.A.L.) Talk is a districtwide, multiracial, multicultural student leadership group for middle and high school students. R.E.A.L. Talk creates critical spaces for student leaders to:

  • Develop and understand their own cultural and racial identity
  • Learn about cultures and races different from their own
  • Become empowered student leaders who create transformational change in their schools and communities

Please email Ms. Audra (StevensonA@district279.org) or Mr. Ritchie (RitchieR@district279.org) for more information or to get a R.E.A.L. Talk Student Leader Application.

Information on Frostbite or Frost-nip

Be sure that your child is dressed for this cold Minnesota winter weather. It is dangerous to be outside without hats, mittens/ gloves or a warm jacket.

Frostbite occurs when skin is exposed to extreme cold for an extended period of time. Ice crystals form under the skin, causing damage to skin and muscle tissue.

Frostnip is a superficial freezing of the outer layer of the skin - also can occur if you are exposed to cold weather. The skin turns white as blood circulation decreases, then stings, and becomes quite painful. Common places seen:

• Nose • Cheeks • Ears • Fingers • Toes Symptoms:

• Numbness, tingling, or burning feeling

• The skin also changes color when exposed to extreme cold. It blanches, then may appear red, and finally white-purple if allowed to freeze

• Blisters may form

• Areas feel cold and numb Treatment:

• Child needs to be taken to a warm place immediately. Hands/fingers can be placed under the pit of the arms to start the warming process If possible, warm the affected area by immersing the affected part in LUKEWARM water for up to an hour

• Elevate the affected area slightly to reduce swelling

• If legs or feet involved, do not allow child to walk

• Seek medical help for any severe case of frostbite

DO NOT rub the affected area

DO NOT apply heat lamp or hot water bottles

DO NOT break any blisters

DO NOT apply any tight dressing that causes pressure or reduces circulation to the area. Prevention Tips:

• Mittens are warmer than gloves. Gloves or mittens MUST BE WORN in very cold weather

• Caps are a must (50% of the heat is lost from the head)

• Wool is better insulator than down-filled items

• Dressing in “layers” is a good idea for Minnesota

• Make attempt to close any gap in outerwear where snow might become trapped next to the skin

• No open-toed or canvas shoes in the winter, please • Boots help eliminate frostbite • Wear thick warm socks rather thin nylon or synthetic fiber ones. (Wool socks are great)


School Office: 763-569-7700...............................BMS Website: https://bms.district279.org/#

Attendance: 763-569-7616………………………………..Transportation: 763-391-7244

6th Grade

Liz Johnson, Counselor 6th Grade .......Email: JohnsonElizabeth@district279.org

Larry Bilbro, SMS 6th Grade......Email: BilbroL@district279.org

7th Grade

Judy Anderson, Counselor 7th Grade.....Email: AndersonJ@district279.org

Rachel Kalk, SMS 7th Grade……..Email: KalkR@district279.org

8th Grade

Annessia Xiong, Counselor 8th Grade A-L & DLA Sb-Z...Email: XiongAnnessia@district279.org

Liz Johnson, Counselor 8th Grade M-K......Email: JohnsonElizabeth@district279.org

Judy Anderson, Counselor 8th Grade S-Z .......Email: AndersonJ@district279.org

Donnay Green, SMS 8th Grade.......Email: GreenD@district279.org

District Tip Line.........763-391-8660