People's Harm Reduction Alliance

GiveBig TODAY & Stand Up For Harm Reduction Comedy Showcase

GiveBig and Support Harm Reduction Champions!

We are participating in the fifth annual #GiveBig TODAY!

Your donation will be "stretched", thanks to the Seattle Foundation and will go directly to support the vital services PHRA's Harm Reduction Champions are providing in our community. Together we can save lives!

Stand Up For Harm Reduction Comedy Showcase

Join us for the 1st Annual Stand Up For Harm Reduction, a comedy showcase benefiting the People's Harm Reduction Alliance.

Please help us spread the word and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!

Thank you for your support and for STANDING UP FOR HARM REDUCTION!

*Not able to attend? Please consider purchasing a ticket for a PHRA participant to enjoy the show. The cost of your ticket is tax-deductible.

About PHRA

Our ability to expand our impact is directly related to the size of our family. DONATE TODAY and together we can save lives.

"Every individual who accesses services is told they are loved, they are worth it and they are good enough just the way they are." - Shilo Murphy, Executive Director

PHRA operates under the harm reduction philosophy and works to prevent the spread of infectious disease, stop overdose and help our clients stay healthy.


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