Food with Immunity

What foods harm and help your Immune System?

What things help your Immune system?

Your Immune system is the defense inside your body. It plays a huge role in keeping a person healthy and alive from harmful pathogens. A good night of sleep and physical activities really helps your Immune system function well. Other things cause your Immune system to deteriorate like stress.
Your Immune system can also be hugely altered by what you are consuming. The question is what foods should you consume to keep you, and your immune system healthy. Also, what should you stay away from eating to keep yourself unharmed.

Strengthening Foods for the Immune System

The Immune system thrives off of vitamins and zinc. Fruits are a great source of vitamins C, E, and zinc. Vegetables also provide great source of vitamins too. Citrus is a great source of vitamin D, which helps keep your body, and Immune system healthy. One vegetable that helps fight most pathogens is garlic cloves. Garlic stimulates the macrophages and lymphocytes. They help kill cancerous cells faster than normal.

Chicken soup is an amazing source of vegetables that help strengthen your Immune system to fight pathogens. Protein gives your body 20 amino acids needed to grow and repair cells. The chicken in the soup helps repair white blood cells to combat pathogens, and cancerous cells. It helps repair your immune system when your are sick. Making it a great recovery food for your white blood cells. The broth helps force out the pathogen faster. When you drink so much water during your illness it helps move the pathogens out through the bladder. The broth is an extra dose of liquid for your body to take it. So it helps the emptying process go on a whole lot speedier.

Foods That Harm Your Immune System

Many unhealthy food items that starve your cells effect the Immune System in your body. Genetically Modified Organisms, (GMOs), have been known to hurt your Immune System. Many food items are completely safe to consume. Recently, these innocent foods have been altered genetically. With so many alters on common foods, it has made people suffer allergic reactions from foods, like tomatoes or peanuts. If your body is in constant action fighting harmless consumables.

Another problem similar to this is fast food on your immune system. Fat like saturated fat is very common in fast food. This is really bad for your health and it weakens blood flow. It also has chemical add ons that disrupt your bodies functions. These chemicals make your fighter T-cells weak and unable to fight normally. Your liver gets harmed by these chemicals as well. Your liver is used to help heal wounds and break down nutrition from food. If it gets harmed you are more likely to get sick.

Soda is a common drink in so many countries that provides sugar, caffeine, and bad acid when consumed. Sugar slows down your immune system and makes it unable to fight bacterial infections for a few hours. Sugary juices are other types of food and drinks that do the same thing. Soda also contains caffeine, a substance that causes you to stay awake for long periods of time. Lack of sleep is unhealthy for the immune system. It makes it unable to function properly making you more prone to infections.

What to Look For Now

Make sure to always look closely at produce, canned food, anything food you buy at the Super market. Look for foods high in protein, vitamins, and zinc to assure your immune system is getting healthier. Try to buy from organic Farmers markets for your fruits, vegetables and natural meats. It is one way to assure you are not consuming risky GMOs. Avoid fast food no matter what you are doing.

Pack snacks high in nutrition on the go, and always try to eat home made meals for work, or school. When you do get sick, eat a lot of vegetables and garlic cloves to remove the illness you have faster. For a better recover, eat chicken soup for all of these nutritional items to enter your body quicker. Always stay hydrated to keep pathogens going. So you can recover from a cold or sinus infection double what you would have. Sleep is always needed to keep you happy and healthy. So do every thing you can to get 7-12 hours asleep nightly. Always be positive about staying healthy, and eating healthy. If you do so, your immune system will always be completely fine.