Sociology Aspects of Culture

Mark Gronemus

Person Values

Values are the things in life that people appreciate and take pride within their lives. Many people have similar values within their lives. I value my friends and family. I can count on my friends and family when I need any help. My family has also taught me different values. One major value that I've been taught was hard work and dedication. Every task that I do, I always try to perform my best work.
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Norms can be defined as the general rules that define behavior and help explain why people in a society or group behave a similar way. For all of the students at our school it would be considered to be normal for the students to show up to school to learn each day. Other norms at school would be that the students are supposed to listen to the teachers when they are teaching us.

American Values

America has many different values compared to other countries around the word. America values the democratic system of government. The value the freedom of the people. People in America like to have the freedom of religion, speech, education and many more freedoms. America values freedom because it means so much to everyday life in America. These are the values of America and whats important to our country.


In America we have lots of diversity. Many people come from different races, religions, education levels. It is very uncommon to find two people that are almost the same people. Many people act differently. This brings in the diversity in America. Diversity is when you have a range of different things. Diversity can be positive and negative in societies. People can either judge and refuse to work with different people, or learned to get along with other people and experience new things.