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One Day At a Time December 9, 2015

Ending Your Semester Strong

We all know that the end of semester can be a stressful part of our college lives. Here are a few words of advice as that time approaches:

1. First and foremost, know where you stand. Be sure that you have tracked what your current grade is in your course. Take time to reflect on the material you have learned and in the readings. Even if you have received high scores on all your exams, that is not an invitation to slack off and not study for your final.

2. Be sure to communicate with your instructor. This is something that should really be done every semester with all of your instructors. Establishing this relationship helps once you come closer to finals time. Even if you haven’t gone in to their office during the semester, it’s never too late. Seek your instructor for extra help if you are encountering some difficulties in the course.

3. It’s easy to think about the break coming after finals instead of focusing on the actual tasks at hand. You don’t have to cut your social life entirely, but definitely prioritize and make sure you are putting study time first.

4. Do not cram! Maybe this is something you have done before and have waited until the last-minute, sometimes from habit, or sometimes just because life happens. We do this but we all know we shouldn’t. It seems so much easier than actually planning out days of studying. But it doesn’t help! Cramming leads more often than not leads to failing.

5. Also, sleep at least 7-8 hours a night. Plan ahead with your study schedule so that you aren’t up late night before an exam. Study bit by bit every day and get the sleep you need to retain information.

Keep your head on right and focus on the next couple of weeks. Set your goals, know where you stand, and do it right! Finish your semester strong so you can enjoy your break! And just hang in there! It’ll all be over before you know it.

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Jonelle Kaaihue Former "COSAC Graduate"

I had an opportunity to talk with a former graduate of the COSAC program, her name is Jonelle Kaaihue. She is now working in the field of Substance Abuse Counseling and would like to share her Manao (knowledge) with fellow students that are currently in the COSAC program at Leeward Community College. The following is what she would like to share with us:

Y) What would you like to share about the benefits of this career?

J) Substance Abuse will not disappear and individuals will seek help sooner or later. It is important for me to be there for anyone seeking a new way to live without a mind altering substance.

Y) What would you say is the biggest challenge in the program?

J) I didn’t realize hidden issues of the past were still present in me. This issues would surface when

triggered by assignments given. Thank God a lot of these issues were dealt with while in school versus working at the agency of substance abuse counseling.

Y) What is your biggest take away as a counselor who is now working in the field?

J) To prepare yourself for live action when you finally have that opportunity to work at a substance abuse treatment center.

Y) What would you tell others who wants to go into the career of CSAC?

J) If you haven’t dealt with your own personal issues take care of it or you may experience counter-transference while working with clients.

As always, I was inspired by our talk story session, and wanted to thank Jonelle for her time and sharing. I believe she is a good example of an inspiration for others in the COSAC program and field.

Yvette Hamalian

Student Peer Mentor

COSAC Program

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Melodee Himuro

Academic Specialist
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Yvette Hamalian

Leeward Community College Student Peer Mentor

Student Peer Mentor Message:

As we end this semester and look forward to winter break, may you be safe and inspire the lives you interact with. May you find peace and joy during this season of Christmas. I am always here to help you on your journey. Mahalo Nui Loa


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