Bret Easley's Lawsuit

History of the Newton Police Department

*1630 when settled

*located in Massachusetts

STATS as of 1/26/16

*120 robbery

*13a aggravated assault

*220 burglary

*23c shoplifters

* 240 accidents

*23b car jacking

* the mayor is warren

Inmate case Points


* Broken his collarbone in jail

* He was in jail for high speed chase unknown why he did it

*He didn't get medical care for his broken collarbone

*officers broke his arm in 5 places

*wants $75,000 for to pay for his medical bills

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History of the Inmate

I couldn't find any information on Bret.However the reasoning he is behind bars. is because officer tried to pull him over an he didn't pull over so he tried escaping from Newton Police. Bret eventually stopped on northbound I-35. He was arrested an put on bound for 200,000.
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Court or state ruling

it is an ongoing investigation.
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