Designing a Landing Pod

What do astronauts do? What dangers do they face?

Read Apollo 11 and Space Walk.

Answer these questions in your journal: Why do astronauts need space suits? Why is it dangerous to be an astronaut?

What problems do engineers face when they design a landing pod?

For the Mars missions, NASA engineers had to design a way to safely land the rover on Mars. One BIG problem they had to solve was figuring out how to slow the rover down from 12,000 mph to 0 mph in 6 minutes.Click on the link below and watch the Entry, Descent and Landing (EDL) video to find out how they solved the problem.

How do NASA engineers solve problems?

NASA engineers work in teams to figure out out how we can explore space. They follow the Engineering Design Process to creatively solve problems.

Team Challenge: Design and build a Landing Pod that will descend 8 feet and safely land two egg astronauts on the floor.

How can you improve your design for the second drop test?

What worked best for your team? How did you improve your design?

Summary: Draw a design that you believe will work best to safely land the landing pod and astronauts on the moon. Write a letter to NASA to explain why you think your design will work.

Launch Your Satellite Challenge

Design a balloon rocket to launch the satellite that you built in Ms. Ballard's class. The goal is to get the satellite to go as far as possible.