Egyptian Time

By: Kylie Hultin


The Nile river was used for transportation, trade, farming or growing. They wisely used irrigation by not using it all at once, saving some, don't waste it. The religion was important to Egyptians because it controlled their life. The purpose of the pyramids where used to do mummification and for tombs. Two inventions that the Egyptians made that we still use today is a 365 day calendar and numbers up to 10. The great pyramids of Giza are an engineering mystery beczusse we still do not know how they built them.

Acient Egyptian


Women and men wore heavy eye makeup. Women Taught their daughter's how to sew, cook and other household stuff. Men's jobs were to inherit their fathers job, help provide for their family's, and take care of their parents at old age. children play board games and spinning top.