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Athletic Kids with Bad Grades

Most kids today who play sports tend to focus on sports more then school. After researching different colleges, most colleges don't except football players with grades below a average of a 85% in all of their classes. Not only do you need 85% in all classes in college, but have your grades stay an average of 85% for at least three years in college to become a professional football player. They're is many football camps today such as Ron's Rising Stars which I hope to run my own one day that inspire kids who play football to have good grades and focus on school.


Most students believe all you need to get on a college football team is to be athletic. The website below shows how most colleges today don't just look at your athletic ability but also your education.

Education For NFL Players

Why are Grades so Impotant to NFL Players?

It's important to have a good eduaction if you are a professional football player because if you ask famous Quarter back Joe Flacco who had struggle in school will tell you if you want to become any professional athlete, and you have a bad education it won't only affect your life but also your career. Another NFL Player who had struggle in school was James Brook who was almost released from being a NFL Player because he couldn't read his contracts, and since he didn't know how to write he couldn't sign them either.

The link below is a website on James Brooks


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