Top 10 netiquette things to do

By: Adam Tung period 6

Top 10 Netiquette thing to do


What is Netiquette?

It is etiquette online there are rules in real life and there are rules online.

Top 10 thing to do

10. Social media be appropriate and respectful

9. Writing in caps lock signifies frustration and annoyance don't write in caps lock

8. Don't spam if they don't reply right away wait a bit

7. Forgive don't hold a grudge on a simple mistake

6. Keep arguments under control try to calm them not provoke them

5. Everything is permanent type appropriate

4. Type as if your parent were watching you

3. Email make sure to greet them, prof read and write your name

2. Spelling and grammar, make sure you write so that people can read your handwriting

1. Don't plagiarize if you do give credit

Email tips

-Always have a subject

-Always greet the person

-Always write your name at the end

-u, lol and idk are not appropriate