State Facts

hawaii, florida, california


Hi,my name is Tyler.The Hawaii capitol is Honolulu.The nickname is the Aloha state.It first became a state on August 21,1959.The hibiscus is the state flower.The nene is the state bird.And the aleurites moluccana is the state tree.Here is three tourist attractions,Turtle Bat Resort,the USS Arizona Memorial, and Sealife Park.Now for three interesting facts, it was the 50th state, it is the only US state made up of islands,it is located in the Pacific Ocean.


This state is Florida, the capital is Tallahasse.The state nickname is The Sunshine State.The date of statehood was March 3,1845.The Orange Blossom is the state flower.The Northern Mockingbird is the state bird.The Cabbage Pallmetto is the state tree.Three interesting facts Florida is bordered to the west of the Gulf of Mexico,it is located in the Southeastern region of the US,it is located in the Atlantic Ocean.These are three tourist attractions, is Legoland,Disney World,The Everglades.